ESSEBI MEDICAL srl has been founded in August 2016 in the Republic of San Marino, with a productive license for medical devices. In September 2016 Totim has been registered to the “High Technology Start Up” following the approval of the Technical Evaluation Commitee. It has been considered as a highly innovative business project and consequently it has been admitted to the Techno Science Park San Marino – Italia.
All our products have been marked CE in February 2th, 2016 as Medical Devices Class I non-steryle and single-use and FDA 510(k) Cleared in April 30th, 2019 as Medical Device Class II.
TOTIM Trade Mark follows a long-standing experience of CEO Pietro Sordina, whose family has been succesfully producing medical devices for four generations. We are constantly investing in R&D, so as to create new products based on polyurethane foam. Our aim is to help patients to be more comfortable and safe in their recovery, whichever medical branch is  able to satisfy.

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ESSEBI MEDICAL SRL  - Strada Campo del Fiume 84 - 47896 Faetano -   Repubblica di San Marino phone +378 0549 963858 PEC-

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