San Marino, June 2019
ESSEBI MEDICAL Srl announces partnership with RADONC SOLUTION
as provider of TOTIM ® for United States

San Marino, May 2019 
ESSEBI MEDICAL Srl announces that CIVCO RADIOTHERAPY is not exclusive provider of TOTIM ® 

Physics Medica, December 2018

Coralville, Iowa, 
April 19, 2018

Coralville, Iowa, February 21, 2018

San Marino, February 21, 2018

ESSEBI MEDICAL Srl announces partnership with CIVCO Radiotherapy as exclusive provider of TOTIM ®

ESSEBI MEDICAL and CIVCO Radiotherapy – Coralville-Iowa, USA, have signed on January 17, 2018 an exclusive agreement of TOTIM – TOTALLY IMMOBILE Immobilization system in radiotherapy for the Worldwide (except Italy and Spain).

TOTIM is a polyurethane foam cushion for patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy. It is a unique and exclusive product, patent pending.

CIVCO Radiotherapy is world leader in planning, production and commercialization of cutting-edge solutions for patient positioning and immobilization during simulation and radiation treatment. CIVCO Radiotherapy has over 35 years of experience in the radiation oncology industry and offers high-quality, innovative, patient-centric radiotherapy solutions. These solutions include couchtops and overlays for linear accelerators and imaging systems, advanced patient immobilization solutions, robotic patient positioning, advanced fiducial markers, and immobilization/positioning equipment and consumables. CIVCO Radiotherapy headquarters are in Coralville, Iowa, and Orange City, Iowa, Singapore and England, with employees in the USA, Europe and Asia. The distribution of CIVCO Radiotherapy products is organized in 4 regions, with more than 70 distributors:

North America (USA and Canada), LASA (Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and APAC (Asia Pacific). More information are available at

"This collaboration allows us to continue to strengthen our portfolio of products to provide solutions that focus on patient comfort, safety, and improved outcomes worldwide," said Nat Geisel, president of CIVCO Radiotherapy.

Established in August 2016 with TOTIM ® medical device, ESSEBI MEDICAL is a start up aimed to strong technical innovation, constantly engaged in R&D of new products in the medical sector. It is part of Techno Science Park San Marino-Italia, and produces and commercializes medical devices of polyurethane foam for patient positioning and immobilization in radiotherapy. TOTIM is the result of long-standing experience of Pietro Sordina, CEO, whose family has successfully produced medical devices for four generations.  “We are proud of such an important partnership with CIVCO Radiotherapy and Nat Geissel, President. This collaboration highlights the uniqueness and effectiveness of our device as a new and exclusive solution for immobilization in radiotherapy. TOTIM is an alternative to the existing systems– either replacing or complementing them – and is an essential step forward to the improvement of the planning/simulation phases for an even more precise radiation treatment. The awareness that we are working on close contact with the global leader of patient positioning and immobilization systems pushes us towards more proactivity and constant development and engagement in R&D” states Pietro Sordina, CEO of ESSEBI MEDICAL.

CIVCO will showcase TOTIM immobilization solutions in booth #2100 at the European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology (ESTRO) Congress, 20-24 April in Barcelona, Spain. 

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