Technical Characteristics
: Cushion with external cover in microfiber comfortable and absorbent water repellent non-woven material, markable, washable/easily sanitized, temperature controlled exothermic reaction, the short window of time required for solidification allows for the correct modeling of the external cover in microfiber polyester tissue fully sealed.   


1. Fully sealed and expanding foam cushion

Totim is an expanding foam cushion, fully sealed with an outer microfiber polyester cover.

2. From extremity to whole body

Totim cushions are specifically designed for many different parts of the body, from individual limbs to whole body.

3. No air or moisture activation

Totim cushion form by activation of internal component to then shape and mold around the patient. Does not require vacuum or water activation process to form rigid cushion.

4. Just hold to mold

A simple process including activating the cushion contents, positioning the patient and then holding the cushion’s position. The expanding foam will then mold around the patient.

CE Marked and FDA 510(k) Cleared Class II

® Patient Cushions Immobilization System Radiotherapy

TOTIM is a fully sealed polyurethane foam cushion covered with microfiber polyester tissue for patient positioning and immobilization during simulation, planning and radiation treatment. The cushion shapes and molds around the patient after activation of the internal components. It maintains its formed shape during all sessions of radiotherapy treatment, enabling reproducibility of patient position.

Indications for Use: 

TOTIM Patient Cushions Immobilization System is indicated to position and/or immobilize and/or repositioning forms both adult and pediatric patients undergoing radiation therapy of the body, head, brain, neck, cervical, arm, limb, hand and leg including Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS), Stereotactic Radiotherapy (SRT), Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT), and electron, photon, and proton treatments. The device is also used during image acquisition, including Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging, to support treatment planning.

Features & Clinical Benefits
Sealed and ready for use                                                                                                          
Limits movement and enables reproducibility of the patient position                        
Conforms to shape easily during stiffening phase                     
Disposable, easy to sanitize markable and 
Radio transparent                                                                                                                        
Can be formed and indexed to positioning devices and other rigid supports                                         
Pediatric options available
The TOTIM Patient Cushions is manufactured of non-magnetic materials, MR SAFE


The device is used in a healthcare facility / hospital. The device is intended to be used on adult and pediatric patients.

Patent N. SM-P-201700411

Patent Pending: IT 102017000098840, UE  - EP 3 450 129 Application Number 18000703.1, U.S. - 2019/0070051 A1 Application Number 16/117,817

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