ESSEBI MEDICAL was established in 2016 following an idea by Pietro Sordina about the necessity to immobilize and position the patient during medical treatment. TOTIM® by ESSEBI MEDICAL Srl is an internationally registered trademark which arose from the long-standing experience of its founder, whose family has successfully produced medical devices for four generations. In 1880 Giuseppe Sordina established Officine Giuseppe Sordina spa in Padua (Italy), first producer of medical sterilizers and autoclave in the world. In 1961 the third generation, with ing Giuseppe Sordina, founded OMS Spa, a manufacturing company of dental units and chairs. Pietro Sordina, ing Sordina’s son, is following his family’s tradition.

Thanks to the team know-how, the company was soon able to realise its potential by giving the radiotherapy national and international market a medical device for patient immobilization. ESSEBI MEDICAL produces fully sealed  in microfiber polyester cushions with polyurethane foam inside. The innovative idea of TOTIM® device is that of isolating self-expanding material inside a sealed cushion, available in various sizes. Such material solidifies and adapts like a mould to the patient’s body (or part of it), thus ensuring the patient’s immobilization, his/her comfort and easy use by the medical team. 

Since 2016, all TOTIM® products are CE-Marked as Medical Device Classe I unsterile/disposable. In April 2019 the company has obtained FDA certification as 510 (k) Medical Device Class II Product Code IYE Regulation Number 892.5050 (Accelerator, Linear, Medical).

In September 2018 the Japan Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Registration Number BG24800001 - Medical Device manufacturer. In July 2019 the Australian Government Department of Health "Medical Device Classe I"- Number 320851 - Single Device Product.  In December 9th 2020 the China CFDA certificate for the TOTIM product.

Our key to success is the commitment to meeting our clients’ needs. We rely on an excellent, competent and ambitious team, with particular expertise in various areas of the production line. Each of us contribute to the achievement of our quality targets and to the implementation of the innovation our customers require.

Assisting our customers as partners is our company's philosophy: we try to find together the best way to meet their demands for immobilization system.

TOTIM® TOTALLY IMMOBILE is being continuously tested  in various medical environments whenever the immobilization is needed:

Radiotherapy, Ophthalmology, Microsurgery, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Day Surgery.

Our mission is to improve patient positioning and immobilization all over the world by providing high-quality innovative solutions for all medical fields.


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